Is it possible to pinpoint when straight and curved lines were invented? The contours of ancient rock paintings give us organic lines and line is evident in the motifs of early Greek vessels and Egyptian Funerary art. Renaissance artists were lauded for their invention of perspective, a system contrived of straight lines that extend to infinity. Modernists isolated and formalized gestural line as subject. I strive to extend this conversation by painstakingly mixing and repeatedly laying down up to 100 gradients of color in my attempts to contemporize line.

Introducing "Variable"

"Variable" is my most recent, 48 x 48 inch, oil painting on canvas.  "Variable" is comprised of a single, continuous line that changes color and connects back to itself.  Variable is concerned with the divisions of the canvas and variations within them.  To make these paintings, I mix 80+ colors that I arrange in close gradations on my palette.  Next, I lay the colors down next to each other, on the canvas, one brush stroke or line segment at a time, carefully judging where the colors are going.  The objective is to line the colors up strategically on the canvas so that the hues alternate, pop, and eventually connect back to the same color.  

"Variable," Oil on Canvas, 48 x 48 Inches, 2017

"Text" on view at Crane Arts

You still have time to see my solo show, "Progression" at Crane Arts.  Contact me for a private appointment.

In the painting, Text, 2017, we get a sense of this circuitry and networks of communication. The single meandering line here changes over in subtle gradations from teal and lime green to bright yellow that transitions to orange and then to hot pink.
— Jennifer Zarro, Phd




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