Is it possible to pinpoint when straight and curved lines were invented? The contours of ancient rock paintings give us organic lines and line is evident in the motifs of early Greek vessels and Egyptian Funerary art. Renaissance artists were lauded for their invention of perspective, a system contrived of straight lines that extend to infinity. Modernists isolated and formalized gestural line as subject. I strive to extend this conversation by painstakingly mixing and repeatedly laying down up to 100 gradients of color in my attempts to contemporize line.

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Sacred Geometry - You're Invited

I’m excited to announce that “Sacred Geometry” by Phyllis Gorsen and I will be on view at Hot Bed with custom horticultural designs by Bryan Hoffman through April 9, 2019. Our New, 2019 paintings are featured in this exhibition along with Bryan’s designs. This exhibit is curated by Bryan Hoffman and James Oliver Gallery. You can learn more here, view opening hours, or schedule a private visit.


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